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The upstairs of our house is always super hot

We have central air conditioning in our house and the downstairs is always nice and cool during the summertime. When we turn the thermostat down so that the air conditioning will come on, it never fails to do its job. It seems like no matter how high the temperatures get outside during the summer or […]

My husband works on the top floor

My husband has recently been promoted to a higher position at his workplace. He worked for a long time to get to this position and he’s pretty excited about his new responsibilities at work. He thinks that he’s going to be able to do great things with the company and that he will probably move […]

This zoo needs lots of air conditioning

If there’s one thing that we all know about polar bears, it’s that they like to live in a cold climate. When you bring polar bears to a warm climate, you have to make concessions for their well being if you want them to be able to thrive. That means using a whole lot of […]