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I love being a member at the gym

My life has been consumed by my job and the responsibilities of our household. The kids are always the priority and they have required a lot of time and attention. My son and daughter are both in highschool now. My oldest will be leaving for college next far. Throughout the years, I have not had […]

Getting into better shape

I had no idea how much equipment was behind those doors I feel the best I ever have. Although I am on the other side of 40, I am healthier and stronger than ever before. thanks to a fitness center membership, i’ve made huge improvements to my health. I didn’t realize it was even possible […]

The gym has changed

The local gym is no longer dominated by guys lifting weights to build bulk. I am not sure just when the transition happened because I went about two decades between gym visits. When I used to attend the local gym, it was all guys and we were all trying to look good in order to […]

The gym is the best place to relieve stress

I work long days. For me, a 60 hour work week is normal. Also, there is a great deal of stress that goes with my job. It’s day after day of trying to organize chaotic situations and streamline operations. I feel like I do mostly damage control rather than Ir executing any sort of proactive […]

Trying out the local gym and loving it

I have really wanted to sign up for a gym membership. I was slow to realize how helpful the access to equipment, knowledgeable people and group classes would be. I became interested in a multi faceted approach to health and fitness. I wanted to try out yoga, cross fit, spin and nutritional programs. I wanted […]

I love my new furnace

I love my new furnace. I honestly love my new furnace. I cannot imagine living without my new furnace. I didn’t always have this nice of a furnace. My old furnace was honestly pretty terrible. I couldn’t believe how terrible the old furnace was. When I first bought the furnace, the furnace was pretty good. […]

I really want to buy a new air conditioner

I really want to buy a new air conditioner. However, I am not just talking about any air conditioner. I really want to buy a new central air conditioner. I have never had a central air conditioner before, and I have always wanted a central air conditioner. Before the central air conditioner, the only thing […]