Wife is a pain; my father was Heating plus Air Conditioning tech plus no one compares

It can be hard marrying the kid of an Heating plus Air Conditioning professional… This definitely is not a problem that too several people have, but I think like I should beginning a support group for the handful of guys who understand where I’m coming from… It’s not so straight-forward to live with someone who expects indoor air temperature plus air quality perfection at all times, however apparently, growing up with a certified heating, cooling, plus ventilation professional will vastly skew your expectations for residential air quality control.

At least, it honestly has for my wifey… Her dad wasn’t just a respected Heating plus Air Conditioning tech – he was a absolutely passionate heating plus cooling artist.

If he wasn’t on the job, fixing other residential Heating plus cooling systems, her dad was guaranteed to be at house fiddling with their own air quality equipment. After being raised in a lake house where the Heating plus Air Conditioning system was cared for like a newborn baby, nothing is great enough for her, besides that, no Heating plus Air Conditioning professional is great enough for her. Every single day she complains about the indoor air temperature plus air quality in our house. I try my best to keep up with the temperature control programming, the air filter changes, plus the professional duct cleaning… But she is never triumphant, however she wants the heating plus cooling system to have a full-blown inspection every week, it seems; You know, I absolutely would pay the cash for a weekly Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance appointment, if that would absolutely make her cheerful. The problem is, she’s convinced that every Heating plus Air Conditioning professional the two of us hire is a quack or an idiot. I’m out of Heating plus Air Conditioning companies to call, plus she’s never going to let someone other than dear seasoned dad touch her rare heating plus cooling system, anyways.

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