Trying to lose the baby weight

Now that my daughter is a couple years old, I am unhappy that I still haven’t completely lost the baby weight I gained during pregnancy.

I am soft and flabby in my tummy area.

I am now getting proactive about my fitness and health. Three days a week I participated in a core progression fitness class. I workout in a group led by a personal trainer for an hour. The class mainly focuses on cardio training with a bit of weightlifting added in. It is nice knowing that I am definitely getting a good workout on those days of the week. I feel like I’m burning a decent number of calories and increasing my stamina. I felt guilty about leaving the baby for an hour, but my husband has been encouraging. It is only an hour a few times a week and he is fine with staying home with our child. I am hoping to increase the number of sessions that I work out each week. As our daughter gets older, I want her to also be involved in physical activities. She and I could play in the pool together, ride bikes or go for runs around the track. Right now, my daughter is still too little and needs a caretaker. I haven’t lost any weight yet but I already feel much better. I am now focusing more attention on what I eat. Eliminating carbs, dairy and sugar is a great place to start. I have also started to incorporate stretching exercise into my daily routine.

Cross fit