Trying out the local gym and loving it

I have really wanted to sign up for a gym membership.

  • I was slow to realize how helpful the access to equipment, knowledgeable people and group classes would be.

I became interested in a multi faceted approach to health and fitness. I wanted to try out yoga, cross fit, spin and nutritional programs. I wanted to learn more about different types of health and wellness programs. I just had no clue where to begin. It didn’t occur to me that I could find everything I was looking for at my local health and fitness center. I discovered the advantages of the local when I was exploring different ways to improve my level of physical fitness. I figured going to the local gym would be focused on weight lifting and burning calories. It was slightly intimidating for me to even step inside the local gym. I am not in the best physical shape and have no idea how to properly workout. I’d never taken any group workout programs. Thankfully, I have a friend who was willing to partner up. We decided to get a gym membership together. We were both feeling a bit reluctant yet hopeful about it. We got up the nerve to take the first step and give the local gym a look. We were amazed to see all the group fitness training classes they offer. There was a wide range of equipment and all sorts of workout programs. What impressed us the most was the access to nutritional counseling and personal training. We had the opportunity to target our meal plan as well as our physical training. About six months later, my friend and I are totally dedicated to health and wellness. We typically go together and take different classes throughout the week.
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