Thermostat has “quirks”

Staying with my mom is always challenging. We have never had a good relationship the entire time I was growing up and it seems like we are still running into a lot of challenges at this point. No matter what I do, it seems like she is disappointed and upset with me. I try my best not to get into her way and to take good care of her home, but there are certain things that I simply can’t wrap my head around. For instance, she is obsessed with strange things like keeping her kitchen countertops free of fingerprints. It’s absolutely exhausting to try to keep up with the cleaning that she requires. Additionally, I don’t want to abuse her heating and cooling system but I honestly can’t get her thermostat to obey me. Everyday I try to adjust the indoor air temperature to a reasonable setting for her energy expenditure. I don’t want to cause her to have high energy bills. I also don’t want to add any extra wear and tear to her existing central heating and cooling system if I can avoid it. The problem is her thermostat is so old that it has very particular methods of operation. You can’t simply adjust the indoor air temperature up and down like you would with a normal indoor air temperature control unit. Instead, you have to follow a specific sequence of button pushing to make the thermostat obey anything you desire. I have yet to understand how this malfunctioning air quality control device operates. That hasn’t stopped my mom from blowing her lid every time the HVAC system is running at a powerful degree.



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