The upstairs of our house is always super hot

We have central air conditioning in our house and the downstairs is always nice and cool during the summertime.

When we turn the thermostat down so that the air conditioning will come on, it never fails to do its job.

It seems like no matter how high the temperatures get outside during the summer or how humid and sunny it is, our A/C is always there to cool us down. That’s always a blessing to us, since we work outside most of the time and there’s nothing better than coming inside to some nice cool air conditioning and TV after being out in the hot sun working all day long. We’ve never had a problem with the central A/C in our house until the last couple of years, and it’s still not a problem when we’re downstairs. However, when we go upstairs to go to bed at night, we have started to notice that the upstairs of the house is always super hot. It’s like the cooling air from the central air conditioning just can’t make it upstairs to cool the second floor down. That’s an issue for us, because we all like sleeping where it’s cool and all of the bedrooms are on the second floor! Of course, I don’t want to have to put in window unit air conditioners upstairs when we have a perfectly good central air conditioning system cooling down the rest of the house. I guess I am going to have to call our local HVAC business to see what they would recommend.