The smart thermostat is strange

I’m one of those people who is never really happy.

  • I know that it’s an unattractive quality to have.

However, I generally am overwhelmed with life and feel like something is missing. No matter what I do, it’s difficult for me to ever feel safe or stable on this planet. It turns out, I feel like I am pretty useless most of the time. Even when I am fully immersed with work and other learning projects I struggle to feel like there’s meaning to this existence. Recently, this couldn’t have been brought to my attention in a more dramatic way. My thermostat broke down on me out of the blue and I decided that I needed to get a smart thermostat replaced with great immediacy. I called my local heating and cooling repair company and requested that they send out an HVAC worker who specialized in air temperature control units. The heating and cooling technician was happy to help me to select an air quality control system that would optimize my energy expenditure and develop detailed temperature control programs for me. After the smart thermostat was installed I realized that I hated it. I felt like I had one less important thing to do in my life after the smart thermostat took over my indoor air temperature changes all day. The smart thermostat was too good at determining my indoor air temperature settings and automatically communicating to my heating and cooling devices. These days, I feel like I am more useless than ever now that my HVAC system can operate itself.

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