The gym is the best place to relieve stress

I work long days.

For me, a 60 hour work week is normal.

Also, there is a great deal of stress that goes with my job. It’s day after day of trying to organize chaotic situations and streamline operations. I feel like I do mostly damage control rather than Ir executing any sort of proactive or productive strategy. This is why I find it especially important that I head to the gym at least four or five times per week. My gym membership is a necessary expense for me. I know I can visit the health and fitness center and get rid of most of my stress. Prior to my gym membership, I used to relax at a local bar. This behavior went on for a few years. However, I realized that this was not a healthy way for me to deal with my responsibilities. My health and wellness declined due to the drinking. I gained weight and spent too much money. The negative results just made the stress of the job that much more of a problem. A friend of mine, who was dealing with similar issues, convincinced me to quit spending time at the bars. Instead, my friend recommended that I join his local gym. I was surprised to see so many ways to improve health and wellness. I wasn’t aware that there was so much to do at the local gym other than weight lifting. I was totally unprepared for the amount of equipment. A gym membership allows me to do a lot more than weight lifting. My favorite aspect is the yoga studio. There is nothing that works better to relax me after a hard day like an hour-long yoga session. I then head to the sauna or the steam room and just decompress.

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