Radiant heated flooring is not as nice as I thought that it would be

I recently replaced my furnace with the radiant heated flooring, and I honestly regret it.

Sure, I like the radiant heated flooring, but it is definitely not as marginal as people have made it out to be.

I decided to have radiant heated flooring installed in my house because of all of the good things that they said about the radiant heated flooring. They acted like radiant heated flooring would be the best thing that has ever happened to me. Specifically, the reason that they were so intent about the radiant heated flooring was the fact that it is so much better than the furnace for a few reasons. First of all, radiant heated flooring is a much more effective method of heating. Although radiant heated flooring may cost more on a month by month basis, the radiant heated flooring heats the house very evenly and nicely. Another reason that people like radiant heated flooring is because it keeps your feet warm. This is actually why I did not like the radiant heated flooring. The problem with the heating system is because the radiant heated flooring makes my feet sweat. I do not like my feet feeling clammy all of the time, and that is exactly how my feet feel when the radiant heated flooring. I guess that I am pretty happy about the radiant heated flooring, but it isn’t as nice as I thought that it would be. I guess that I probably would have just been as happy if I would have bought another furnace. At least my feet wouldn’t be clammy.

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