Put some money toward preventive HVAC care

Don’t we all sort of get tired of the constant upselling? It just makes me crazy.

I have to do some mental gymnastics in order to keep from freaking out most times when I am being upsold.

It should be enough that I chose to buy the thing I wanted from that particular retailer. The add on sales thing just makes me want to walk out of the HVAC treated retail space. Speaking of HVAC, that’s exactly I hesitated after our HVAC system was installed recently. My wife and I spent a lot of time doing our homework to find the right model of HVAC to replace our worn out one. We even engaged the services of an HVAC contractor to help us with all the options and choices. We took our new HVAC choice very seriously. It’s a huge investment for us not just something you choose and buy on a whim. We finally came to terms on an HVAC model that fit our needs and our budget. We wanted a high SEER rating because efficiency was high on our list of HVAC priorities. The HVAC contractor was great in that regard. The whole thing went really well actually. From the down payment to the actual installation, we were very pleased with the HVAC company’s efforts. That’s why I found it disconcerting when I called the HVAC office to get some factory information concerning the warranty. I was immediately being sold on a maintenance program for the HVAC. But, in this case, I did take the bait because I believe HVAC maintenance is really worthwhile.
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