This zoo needs lots of air conditioning

If there’s one thing that we all know about polar bears, it’s that they like to live in a cold climate.

When you bring polar bears to a warm climate, you have to make concessions for their well being if you want them to be able to thrive.

That means using a whole lot of air conditioning to keep them cool and healthy. I work at the zoo part time, and I’m in charge of the HVAC system in the arctic zone part of the zoo. That’s where they have the polar bears and seals and certain kinds of birds and walruses. As soon as I go into work every day, I go over and check the thermostat system to make sure that the temperature is set correctly. If it’s just a few degrees hotter than it should be, then it would really be bad for the polar bears’ health. One day a few weeks ago, when I went into work, I noticed that it was really hot inside the main view area where people go in to see the polar bears. As I stood there looking at the polar bear swimming in the viewing pool area, I noticed that the room was heating up more and more. That’s when I realized that there must be an issue with the air conditioning system in the polar bear area. I ran down to check it out and sure enough, the commercial air conditioning system system that does all the cooling for the polar bears wasn’t running at all. Thank goodness I was able to get the commercial HVAC company on the phone right away so they could come and fix everything for the polar bears!