online fitness class

There are companies that are flourishing due to the coronavirus scare.

There are also many locations that are closing up shop for now.

I have seen a lot of online services that are doing well. I have noticed that there are online fitness classes. Since I can’t visit my local body wellness center, I needed to find an alternative. I decided to try out a fitness class offered online. I should have researched the gym ahead of time to make sure there would be a certified fitness expert running the class. Instead I found a girl on facebook who provided a series of classes. It was a total waste of time. The girl clearly had no clue what she was doing. I think she was trying to provide an online yoga class. There was a lot of deep breathing, weird stretches and instructions to find my inner peace. It was a worthless workout. I think some women are using the quarantine as an excuse to try new ways to make money. Not everyone is qualified to be a personal trainer. It takes more than a fancy outfit and some workout gear to teach a class. Actual certified fitness experts go through strenuous training and workout programs to excel at what they do. I miss my group fitness class. I don’t want to follow anymore lame videos online or pay for a ridiculous workout. I wish I could return to my gym and take my fitness class like always. Hopefully, the virus scare will vanish soon and life can get back to normal. I can only tolerate inferior workouts for so long.

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