Not just lifting weights anymore

My lifestyle just had to change. While I wasn’t into anything that was expressly harmful or dangerous, I just wasn’t really taking care of myself. It was evident to me and to my wife. While I had a gym membership, I only went in their for weight lifting ever so sporadically. That was all the gym really meant to me. So, when my gym membership came up for renewal, my wife sat me down to talk. She had been going to a health and wellness center for over a year. And, she raved about it. But, this wasn’t all that unusual given that she has been into health and wellness since I met her. We talked about whether I wanted to waste our money on renewing my old gym membership which I hardly used or doing something different. She made a lot of sense and was really simply caring for me and my health. So, I decided that I would accompany her to the health center she belonged to. Well, what an eye opening experience that was. It didn’t even dawn on me how diverse and interesting a health and fitness center could be. I found all sorts of workout classes that fascinated me. Then there was the yoga which is something I have always wanted to explore. Honestly, I was simply blown away by all the health and fitness center could offer. That was all it took. It was a new day for me and a new gym membership was definitely now in order.

Cross fit