New outlook after trying out the local gym

I never thought I would be looking forward to heading to the gym.

Working out has never been something that I kept up with.

In fact, I have avoided exercise for most of my life. Growing up, the gym was not a place I spent much time. I felt intimidated plus uncomfortable in that type of environment. Years ago, I bought a gym membership on a whim. I used it maybe twice before I gave up on it. That was the last time I visited the gym and that was more than ten years ago. In the last few years, I have realized that getting better about health plus wellness is especially important as I grow older. My wife and I make an effort to go for a long walk in the evenings. This is enjoyable and gets up moving. But whenever the weather is nasty, we are unable to go. We have been looking for something that would get us to be more active. We decided to try the health and fitness center nearby. We figured we could keep up our walks by using the treadmill there. Once we got there, we saw all of the opportunities. we got into yoga, spin classes, tae bo and weight lifting. We just love all the group fitness training classes. After a few months of working out at the gym, my wife and I have noticed a significant improvement in our energy levels. We sleep better at night and are more productive during the day. We’ve both lost weight and noticed a decrease in our aches and pains. Attending the gym regularly has revitalized us. It has been such a great decision. We now head to the gym nearly every day. We really enjoy it.

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