My husband works on the top floor

My husband has recently been promoted to a higher position at his workplace.

  • He worked for a long time to get to this position and he’s pretty excited about his new responsibilities at work.

He thinks that he’s going to be able to do great things with the company and that he will probably move really far up on the corporate ladder now that he’s gotten a good start! When they moved his office up to the top floor, he thought that everything was going to be great up there. But on the first day that he was in his new office, he noticed a real problem involving the heating and cooling system upstairs. Since heat rises and it was the middle of winter when he moved offices, his office was hotter than any of the other offices. I guess being on the top floor has its disadvantages too. He said that he closed off the heating vents in his office, but that didn’t seem to help very much. He said that by the end of his first day in the new office, he was sweating like crazy and he had peeled off most of his clothing. He said that he bet the temperature in the office was in the eighties and he just couldn’t stand it. He asked the maintenance office if they could turn the temperature down but they told him that the thermostat settings are set by the owners of the building and that no one else in the building was complaining except him. I hope he’s not going to be miserable up there!


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