My brother didn't say anything about that

My brother is the type of person who would rather die than voice his opinion sometimes.

He is very good at keeping quiet and going unnoticed rather than rocking the boat.

I think he learned this from our difficult childhood home where he was constantly bullied by his older brother and dad. As an adult, this behavior often is to his detriment. For instance, he will get into relationships where women absolutely control his life. He will keep jobs where his boss abuses him everyday. Most recently, I learned that he will live in homes that are completely uncomfortable rather than mentioning the indoor air quality to his landlord. You see, my brother lives in an old Victorian house that was split into separate apartment units. There is one thermostat that controls the central heating and cooling system for every individual suit. Because his landlord lives in the same house, he is at the mercy of the woman’s indoor air handling preferences. She always starts the thermostat to match her own needs and never considers how her tenants are feeling about the air quality. She found the perfect tenant for this behavior because my brother will never speak up about his discomfort with her indoor air temperature settings. Even when she has the thermostat cranked up to 85 degrees he will sit and sweat in silence. The other day I went out and purchased him a portable AC unit and a space heater. I hope that he will use the smaller HVAC devices in his place instead of living in continual discomfort.

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