Missing my regular gym-routine

With the coronavirus situation, I can’t do any of my normal routine. I had a really nice schedule set up. I’d set my alarm for super early and head to the core progression in my neighborhood before work. I’d get in a great cardio session with a fitness expert to wake myself up and boost my energy levels. I showered in the locker rooms and got dressed for work right there. Doing this allowed me to beat rush hour traffic and arrive at work already fresh and ready for the day. I could head out a bit early from the office in order to make it back home before the traffic became heavy as well. I would have the rest of the evening to do whatever I wanted. Now with the virus, I am working online and from home. I don’t need to worry about traffic or being dressed in business casual. I also don’t have access to a fitness class right now. My gym is staying closed until further notice. I am suffering the effects. I don’t get up as early in the morning and rarely exercise before noon. I don’t see the point of rushing to workout when I am stuck at home anyway. Because of this, I’m sluggish and not as productive throughout the day. After working a full day, I don’t feel like exercising. I usually end up slacking off a bit. Sometimes I just sit on the mat and stretch most of the time. I have no clue how to get motivated. My fitness expert is the one who guides me through the workout. I am struggling. I feel as if I have gained a ton of weight because my routine is all off.

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