Make sure that HVAC repair is done right and done by a pro

There are some time in my life that I can let my ego get in front of sound judgement.

This always ends up costing me money, pride or both.

The older I have become, the less I end up doing just stupid stuff because of my ego. But then something like an HVAC repair comes about and I just fall flat on my face. I came home to the house feeling like the inside of a sauna. It was pretty unbearable and I sure didn’t want to spend the night without it. But, it was also after hours and calling the HVAC company would have come with a fairly large emergency fee. So, figuring that I could outsmart the situation, I called a buddy of mine. He said that he once worked for an HVAC company and does all his own work. I asked him if he would come over and give me a hand getting the HVAC back on line. That was the start of the mistake. I compounded it when it was pretty clear that my buddy wasn’t all that adept at HVAC repair. He seemed to not really feel comfortable with the HVAC and never told me really what was wrong. We tried to replace a part but ended up with the wrong one. It was a fiasco. And the HVAC never came back on. Why I didn’t just stop him when he obviously didn’t have a clue is a question that I still ask myself. It ended up costing me more because we messed up some things in our misguided HVAC repair effort. However, the professionals were able to fix the HVAC.

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