Living a healthy lifestyle to look and feel better

I don’t like it when people say it is not difficult for me to stay in shape.

  • Since I am in good physical condition, it must be easy to maintain my body weight and shape.

It actually isn’t. Keeping in great shape and staying away from fattening foods is just as big a challenge for me as the next woman. I look the way I do because I work hard. I am very careful about what I eat. I am a vegetarian. I eat very little dairy and limit my intake of sugar. Mainly, I stick with fresh fruits and vegetables. I typically replace pasta with spaghetti squash. I also make my daily work out a priority every single morning. I don’t take days off and I concentrate on muscle confusion whenever possible. Each morning, I try to focus on a different area of our body. Arms, legs, abs, shoulders and butt all get their own workout sessions. On some days I work a combination of cardio and weightlifting. Other times, I structure the entire workout to be weightlifting or intense exercises to get my heart pumping. If the weather allows it, I go for a ride on my bike, swim laps in our pool or go for a lengthy run around the neighborhood. I like to continually do something different. If I wake up with sore muscles, I feel great about my work ethic. No matter the type of workout though, I make sure to stretch before and after. Stretching, especially as I get older, is definitely important. It keeps my muscles loose and helps to prevent injuries. I also like how fantastic I feel after a deep stretch. I don’t suffer any back, neck or shoulder pain when I do it.

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