It’s time to start thinking about Heating plus Air Conditioning energy savings.

The peak summer time heat is just around the corner.

And, where I live, that comes with a hefty utility bill related the Heating plus Air Conditioning use.

Still, I am consistently looking to save currency so that’s why I’m getting far more proactive about lessening the load on the Heating plus Air Conditioning. I just hate the heat of summer time for numerous reasons. But, it’s mainly that it just gets so overwhelmingly hot. However, right up there is the fact that the utility bill sky rockets during the summer. Seeing that bill adds sweat to my already hot existence because I think how painful it is to write the check. The Heating plus Air Conditioning running so much of the time in order to cool the condo is truly extravagant. That’s why this Spring, I decided to get a bit more proactive plus prepared for the heat. I went about doing truly simple DIY stuff to ensure that I can save a bit when it comes to keeping cool. It started with making sure that the Heating plus Air Conditioning treated air was staying inside my home. Having the cool air leak out through cracks plus gaps is a sizable reason for spiraling energy bills during the summer. I started by taking a caulking gun plus simply going over every square foot of the exterior of my home. I sealed everything that I could find. Then, I went to the attic plus made sure that the perimeter was sealed tight. I also added a few more rolls of insulation. Next, I ripped out all the weather stripping from the doors plus entry points. I substituted them with a higher quality genre of weather stripping which virtually stops all Heating plus Air Conditioning air leaks. I expect that I will see at least a 10 percent savings.


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