I wish I had a portable A/C system for my son’s games

I really wish that I had a portable air conditioning system for all of my son’s outdoor ball games.

You just never know what you’re going to get when it comes to the weather around here.

Sometimes during the late summer, the temperatures are really cold, but then again, you get those weird summer nights when the cool wind blows in and you’re sitting there in your shorts and flip flops and you are freezing till the end of the game! Usually, though, for me, it’s the opposite. I am very hot natured and I don’t really enjoy the summer temperatures that much at all. I love it when the weather starts cooling off and the fall blows in. However, in the summer, I still have to go to a lot of baseball games and it is very hot out there on the baseball fields where there are no trees to give you any shade at all! All summer long, I sit there watching the games and waiting until my son takes his turn on the bench so that I can run to my car and get in and crank up the A/C for an inning or so. I take cooling towels with me to put on my neck during the game, but a cooling towel is really no replacement for air conditioning. I really wish that I had some sort of portable A/C device to take with me to all of my son’s games. That would make the summer temperatures much easier to take, in my opinion!

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