I think when we reopen we will be even better than before

We had to close down our family’s pizza restaurant when all of the shutdowns happened back in April, and it has really been a tough few months for everyone in my family! When you own a family business like we do, your whole life tends to revolve around it.

We all love our business, and we really love our customers, too.

One of the things that we always prided ourselves on, other than our pizza and customer service, of course, was our indoor air quality! I know that probably sounds a little bit silly, but most of the other pizza places around here are alway very hot and stuffy inside and it really always smells like onions in their dining rooms! It’s not like that at our restaurant. We always make sure to have our air filters replaced when they need it and we also have our heating and cooling system checked out and maintained at least twice each year. We have a commercial HVAC company here in town that we love doing business with and while we were shut down, we had them come out and do some work for us. It’s going to be a big surprise to our regular customers. While we were closed, we had our HVAC company install a wood burning fireplace in our dining room to improve the ambiance! I think it’s going to be amazing. It will take our restaurant to a whole new level as far as being a place to bring a romantic date for an evening. I’m very excited to reopen soon.

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