I love my my grandma so much

I have consistently had an undoubtedly close relationship with our Grandma… According to other people I know, there are a surprising amount that don’t have their Grandparents any longer so I consider myself lucky… Unsurprisingly she is a person of another age—an old fashioned woman.

But that doesn’t bother me at all.

As a result of her being of another age, she prefers hand written letters over current technology. But so I write to her all the time, but there is just something special and particular about the odor of ink and paper and eagerly waiting to see what has been said. If there ever was anything of urgency she is only an iPhone call or text away. I think I’m a bit aged myself. In the latest letter she wrote me this week she discusses the proper things both of us share together, even though she also mentioned how she was having trouble with her heater. She says that it isn’t heating the condo on the level that it should be and even when it is on it isn’t heating the condo enough. She has tried to contact her heating and A/C company nearby so that they can send out a heating and A/C professional to repair the issue, but however, since she lives further away from the city, she is having difficulty getting someone to come all the way out. I helped her out and contacted some of the local heating and cooling dealers in her area until I found one that could get to her place. And then with her permission I sent a heating and A/C professional over to her place to see what was up with her oil furnace, but luckily it wasn’t anything extreme and the problem was absolutely fixed.


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