I love being a member at the gym

My life has been consumed by my job and the responsibilities of our household.

The kids are always the priority and they have required a lot of time and attention.

My son and daughter are both in highschool now. My oldest will be leaving for college next far. Throughout the years, I have not had the opportunity to devote much time to myself. The demands on my time were simply too great. I tried out a gym membership when the kids were little, but I quickly figured out I couldn’t manage it and gave it up. That gym was just not anything I enjoyed all that much. It was pretty much just a bunch of guys weight lifting. I didn’t fit in. I had no idea how to go about working out and had two little kids at home who deserved my attention. Now that my life is a bit more stable, I took another look at the local gym. The facility has been converted into a health and fitness center. I stepped inside and was overwhelmed by the change. The place is so clean and open and modern now. There was a nearly endless array of machines. They also offer all different types of group fitness classes at various times every day of the week. I signed up for a gym membership right then and there. I had a certified fitness expert help me develop a personalized workout program. The best part is the group fitness classes. I really enjoy the yoga classes. Taking part in the health and wellness groups has led to some new friendships. We have a great time. This wonderful group of people were so unexpected. The gym is like having a new social life. My wife is now considering joining the gym as well. I have recommended it. She and I could attend together. She also has more time available to her now and is looking to get in better shape.

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