I Kept finding my dog on lower floor; it's too hot

I’m one of those people who absolutely loves animals.

I don’t enjoy having them laying around my house looking miserable, either.

I want them to be my best friends and I like to have back and forth conversations with them all day long. You can talk about a lot of things through eye contact and body language. It’s easy to notice animal behavior in order to modify your own way of living and make them happier than ever before. That’s why I was particularly concerned when my dog kept leaving me upstairs to go sleep in the basement. It seemed so strange the first time that I turned around and my best friend was nowhere to be found. Normally, he is attached to my hip. Eventually I realized that it wasn’t any kind of behavioral issue, but my indoor air quality wasn’t up to his standards. When the typical summer climate rolled into our area, apparently he did not appreciate the heat and humidity that it brought. For several months I had been running my indoor air quality control equipment to pump heat into my house. Suddenly, I needed to run the air conditioning unit day in and day out to combat the overwhelming heat and humidity pouring in from outdoors. I guess my air conditioning system wasn’t doing a good enough job. My dog was escaping my upstairs work area to lounge in the basement where it was inherently colder. Once I figured out that this air quality issue was driving my dog away, I immediately installed an additional air conditioning system.

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