HVAC techs are always fighting

When I decided to become a professional business owner I really didn’t think that I would have to worry so much about the supposed adults who worked for me.

I had already been in this industry for over 20 years and I assumed that I knew a thing or two about managing this workshop.

Apparently, I was absolutely incorrect about the level of maturity that I expected from my staff. Here, I thought it would be most difficult to get high quality heating and cooling devices stocked at my dealership. In fact, the biggest challenge turned out to be managing my pesky heating and cooling technicians. Don’t get me wrong, I employ highly knowledgeable and skilled heating and cooling workers. I always choose the top graduates from the local trade school when they emerge with their heating and cooling certification. I want to get the brightest bulbs in the heating and cooling industry. However, with all of those smarts apparently you get a lot of attitude. When I bring new heating and cooling technicians into my shop we go over a long list of rules. This includes being kind to the other air quality control specialists and working as a team when it comes to any HVAC repair or installation service. Unfortunately, nobody abides by my rules. The heating and cooling technicians are always fighting with each other and embarrassing me at expensive HVAC installation jobs. I hate to say that these heating and cooling techs are driving me to sell the business… but I feel like I’m babysitting more than managing an HVAC dealership most of the time.


Air conditioning technician