Heating a very cold home

When you have an overly cold home there is no need to have to crank the living heck out of your central heating system. There is one method you can use to keep those electric bills down and get your home to feel nice and warm. That is to buy a portable space heater and run it on the very low setting while running your central heating system how you normally would. You do not have to crank that thermostat anymore! The heating from the portable space heater on the very low setting will make it so that it evens out the offset of the cold temperatures in your home. Another method would be to invest in HVAC zone control. But to do something like getting a zoned heating and air conditioning system you better have a ton of money to blow and be well off financially. Because zoned heating and air conditioning systems are far from cheap! They are nearly double the price of what a standard residential heating and air conditioning system is. So my advice to you is to do what I am saying and get yourself a portable space heater to help heat your overly cold home with the uneven temperatures. The reason for overly cold homes most of the time is because there is something off with the build of the house or the general air flow of the central heating and air conditioning system. But a portable space heater can assist in making it so you do not have to go crazy to get things working properly and having great heating in your home.


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