Gymnastic workout targets the whole body

I picked up jump roping from the expert

I am a gymnast and I practice my skills every single morning. Six mornings a week I choose a gymnastic trick to drill. I work on walkovers, back handsprings, back tucks, handstands, bridges and aerial cartwheels. Changing up what I do ensures that each skill gets some attention and that I don’t overuse specific muscles during the week. Cartwheels are tough on my legs. After an hour of working drills, I can hardly hobble to the shower. Handstands push me to the point my arms can’t hold my weight anymore. Walkovers require a great deal of back bending and I get to where I simply can’t do it anymore. I love knowing that everyday a different area of the body is getting tested. I don’t deal with as many injuries by switching workouts and my body shows the results of my dedication. No area of my body is neglected. I target legs, abs, shoulders, back and arms with all the various tricks. I do however like taking one afternoon a week where I don’t tumble. I know it is a good idea to give my body a rest. For that morning, I don’t do any bridges, straddles or splits. Instead I perform a light cardio workout. I will use the jump rope, go for a jog or swim laps in our pool. Sometimes I do some weight lifting or I might visit the local fitness center and participate in a group class. Sometimes, it’s nice to have an instructor tell me what to do. It gets tiring deciding what element to drill and the proper duration. The fitness expert provides guided workouts that I would never think of doing. I picked up jump roping from the expert. It is a fun hour that is beneficial for muscle confusion.