Grandma gets bored, so she gets a new HVAC system

Sometimes I wonder if my grandma has an addiction to buying things.

For as long as I’ve known her she has been going on massive shopping sprees and filling her house with junk.

I don’t think she even appreciates any of her belongings. It’s obvious because she is always going out and recruiting more random items to store away in strange nooks and crannies of her house. Most recently, she decided that she needed to go out and purchase an entirely new central heating and cooling system. On top of all of her extraneous spending, now she was requiring advanced indoor air temperature control to keep herself occupied. I knew that she didn’t have a good reason for purchasing a whole new air conditioning unit or forced air furnace but there was no stopping her. She was constantly talking about calling various indoor air handling dealerships and consulting with assorted HVAC workers as if it was her job. She acted like the central HVAC system was do or die, but couldn’t provide any rationale behind her newfound heating and cooling obsession. After she spent several thousand dollars on a new air conditioning unit and forced air furnace I asked her honestly why she needed to spend all of this time and energy on her indoor air quality. That’s when my grandma finally told me the truth. Her frenemy had recently updated her HVAC system and my grandma didn’t want to be the only one on the block with an outdated heating and cooling plan. As long as it’s for a good reason.

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