Getting into better shape

I had no idea how much equipment was behind those doors

I feel the best I ever have. Although I am on the other side of 40, I am healthier and stronger than ever before. thanks to a fitness center membership, i’ve made huge improvements to my health. I didn’t realize it was even possible to get myself in this good of shape. I thought that gym memberships were just a waste of time and money. That outlook might have had something to do with being unsure of how to go about a workout program. I was extremely ignorant of the world of exercise and nutrition. It took an injury to change my ways. After suffering a broken leg due to a car accident, I participated in rehab. The health center I attended recommended that I continue with conditioning to strengthen my leg. As I began to heal, I realized that I was feeling better all over due to regular exercise. The rehab included some nutritional counseling and this led me to have more energy and less digestive concerns. I even lost some weight. The next step was to sign up at the health and fitness center. I had passed this local gym a million times without paying any attention to it. I had no idea how much equipment was behind those doors. Now that I have signed up for a gym membership, I look forward to going to the gym every day. My fitness level has significantly increased. I have set new health plus wellness goals for myself and look forward to achieving them.

Nutritional Counseling