Fixing the air conditioning

I’m really not the type of person who likes to micromanage other humans.

I assume that they can take care of their own responsibilities themselves.

I don’t want to check up on their work or make sure that they are doing the things that we have discussed. This is why I was absolutely livid the other week after I had paid for a professional repair service that apparently was never completed. To be accurate, I had paid for the professional repair service at least six months ago. However, I didn’t find out about the lack of follow-through until much more recently when I attempted to use my indoor air handling device. Last year at the end of summer my air conditioning unit was not doing well. I expected the cooling system to break down at some point. After several months of limping along with the AC unit I woke up one morning and found that the indoor air temperature was horrific. Obviously, the day had finally come. I waited a few months before I called out my HVAC technician so he could fix the air conditioning unit at the same time as he serviced my forced air furnace. Silly me, I actually thought that he had performed both of these furnace and air conditioning services that we discussed. I waited several more months before I ever needed to turn the AC unit on. A few weeks ago when I attempted to use my cooling system for the first time I was utterly shocked to find that it wouldn’t start. I called back the heating and cooling shop and demanded that the HVAC technician complete his job. That’s when they told me the HVAC worker was fired days after he “fixed” my AC.
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