Fitness coaching is so worthwhile

Within months, I was seeing great improvement in my health

I honestly can’t tell you how many times over the last 50 years that I have paid for a gym membership only to quit going. It’s embarrassing for me to even start counting. But, it’s truth. Seems like every holiday season when I felt fat and horribly out of shape, I would go join a local gym. Then, I would do some weight lifting for maybe a month or two. Gradually, my time at the local gym would dwindle to nothing. This was the same routine and cycle that I would do over and over. Man, I wish I knew then what I now now with regard to health and wellness. This year, once again, my doctor got on my case about my poor health and fitness. I gave him the same answer that I’d join the local gym and stick to it this time. That was not a good enough answer for the Doc this time. He gave me the number of a health and fitness center and told me he would be following up with them. This hit me a bit as the seriousness of his tone let me know that I was treading in dangerous waters. So, I went to the health and fitness center. To my total astonishment, they were ready for me. Not only did I get a gym membership but I also received a personal trainer. Let me tell you, the fitness coaching was the missing element to all of my previous gym forays. Within months, I was seeing great improvement in my health. More importantly, I really began to embrace wellness and fitness. I can’t tell you how valuable I found fitness coaching to be in my experience.

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