Finding yoga at my local gym

Who knew that I would be so into something so quiet? My personality is actually quite loud indeed.

It’s not like I am some sort of obnoxious idiot but I do really love big sounds, big actions and a vibrant life.

Following that has led me to find a career that I am passionate about and I genuinely love my life. However, there has been a feeling of incompleteness if you will. I have a hard time articulating just what I mean but, there was a depth to my life that I was longing for. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found that missing part of me in the local gym of all places. I have recently started frequenting a local health and fitness center. I’m sort of at a place in my life that I knew I had to get more consistent about health and wellness. It was time to get some personal training at the health and fitness center. Otherwise, I would get a gym membership and just sporadically go before I quit altogether. With some fitness coaching, workout plans and nutritional counseling, I was sure I could achieve my health plans. I got going with all of this for a month or two and was being pretty consistent. But then, I found the yoga classes and everything changed. Yoga was the missing part that I couldn’t really put my finger on. Through Yoga I have been able to find an inner quiet and depth that I didn’t know I would ever be capable of.

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