Finding the ideal workout space

My husband and I are looking for a house to buy. There is property that we both love. One of the features is an outdoor laundry room. The house could be arranged to move the washer and dryer indoors. That means the full square footage of the separate laundry space could be used as something else. My husband would like to set up the space as a hobby studio. He wants to fill it with lumber, tools and work on his projects in that little building. He will make it crowded, dirty and hoard a bunch of junk in there. I want to turn it into my workout space. The ceilings are high enough and square feet is long and wide enough for me to complete my full exercise routine. I have a couple of folding mats that could be opened and utilized perfectly in the space. I could install some hooks for my jump ropes and shelving for the free weights. It would be a perfect workout space. I would not bother anyone with my loud music and I could organize all of my workout gear in one area. I would need to install some type of Heating and cooling system to the space but. Right now, there is one small window and no other ventilation. In order to workout all year round, I would need quality temperature control. I don’t want space heating or a window air conditioner getting in the way. I prefer something permanent that would control moisture levels as well. I am getting way ahead of myself. Right now, we don’t even own the house yet.

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