Finding my way to the gym

The universe works in truly subtle ways.

This is a truth that I come to find more and more lately.

And the more I follow along and let it happen, the more interesting my life becomes. The latest example of that is a recent invisible nudge toward the health and fitness center. A few months ago, my buddy wanted me to go to the local gym with him. After a few minutes of inquiry, he confessed that he just wanted me to sign up for a gym membership. If I signed up for a gym membership, he would get all kinds of perks and discounts at the local gym. I figured as much and politely declined. I have never been all that much of a fitness or gym sort of guy. I stay somewhat fit by walking, playing tennis and trying to stay on a nutritional program. But, going to or joining a gym has never been very appealing to me at all. I had joined a health and fitness center back in college to try to get buff to attract girls. Of course, I quickly lost interest and subsequently stopped going at all. Plus, I just wasn’t all that into weight lifting. So about a month after my buddy tried to con me in to a gym membership, something truly weird happened. On my way home from work, my car broke down right in front of the health and fitness center. Like right in front of it. My phone was dead so I had no choice but to go into the health and fitness center to ask to use the phone. I was so stunned by how awesome the place was that I walked out with a gym membership!
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