Finding more love and connection at the gym than I expected

Like I imagine yours is, my life is really hectic and stressful.

That seems to be sort of the default nowadays doesn’t it? I don’t have any friends or colleagues who aren’t in the same boat when it comes to dealing with life.

I really don’t remember my parents struggling and juggling as much as I am. They always seemed to have some time for themselves and each other. My parents were also into health and fitness. It might not be the stereotypical way we think of now. But, my folks always stressed good nutrition and getting our exercise. And we did the health and fitness thing together as a family. Until lately, I could barely get out for a walk much less apply for a gym membership. One evening not too long ago, my husband brought up our health and fitness levels. He pointed out that we just weren’t taking good enough care of ourselves and we should commit to making health and wellness a priority in our lives. We did just that with a gym membership at a local health and fitness center. This was something that we were determined to explore together. I’m here to tell you that this was one of the best decisions of our marriage. When we’re at the gym, there is no career, kids or life juggling. It’s just me and him and our workout program. This has so added a depth of connection that we have been sorely missing from our relationship. I can’t begin to explain how much of a benefit it has been to have my husband as my loyal workout companion. It has been amazing in more ways than I thought possible.

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