Ductless HVAC fits my situation

I am on my own.

  • There isn’t a wife and kids but, I’m still hopeful.

But as it is, I am 12 years out of college and it’s just me and my pets. My life is fairly simple but I made a big leap lately. My career is more passion than it is money making. Thus, I have had to rent for the last decade and I really hated not being able to build any equity in my home. However, the amount of a down payment was just not within my realistic reach. I figured it might just be like this and I would be a renter for life. But man, I always hated that terrible HVAC in those apartments I lived in. Then, out of the blue, a remarkable thing happened. A friend of mine told me about a property his family had that needed work but could be had very reasonably with little down payment. This was amazing for me and I jumped at the chance. Now, I have my own place. It’s just that I have so much work to do to even make it liveable. The first thing I had to do was get a viable HVAC solution. The house was old and only had rudimentary heating and cooling. This meant that I had to find a way to get HVAC in there without crushing my renovating budget. I was able to do just that with the ductless HVAC technology. It was cost effective, simple to install and man, is it ever powerful. The ductless HVAC unit will do a great job of heating and cooling this little home of mine.



Hybrid HVAC system