Continuing HVAC technology innovation

I wish I could live long enough to see just how history defines the era we are currently living in.

  • I say that as I sit with my feet up in the HVAC comfort of my home but, this may be a tipping point of great magnitude.

The electronic revolution could be much akin to the industrial revolution that completely changed the planet. This time in our history was a real turning point for the history of our species. But, it came with a cost just as the tech revolution does. I think the advent of intelligent tech will also be viewed in much the same way from a fundamental point of view. It’s everywhere, it’s in my house running my HVAC. And, I was a late comer to the smart thermostat movement. I often resist jumping on something of a tech fad because I don’t want to get burned and end up with something that is obsolete in six months. But, I just couldn’t be more thrilled with the results of the smart HVAC thermostat. It was sort of creepy how it was able to learn our habits and routines in such a short period of time. However, the smart thermostat does such a great job of managing the HVAC output. It factors in our absence and the daytime temps to adjust to the most cost saving HVAC output. The very first month I think we saved 15 percent on utilities and that wasn’t even trying. It will be interesting to see what comes next in the continuing evolution of HVAC technology.


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