Competition leads to finding the health center

Don’t bet me if you’re not willing to pay up when you lose.

And I mean pay up big time.

No, I’m not talking about a bunch of money. My bets are rarely monetary in nature. Rather, they are more twisted than that. Like if you lose you shave your eyebrows off and if I lose I shave my eyebrows and my head. It’s that sort of competitive thing. There are few takers. But, I have one buddy who is into this sort of wagering. Our latest wager has to do with gym. We both belong to the same health and fitness center. While we both enjoy going to the gym, neither one of us is as consistent about it as we’d like to be. This led to a competitive wager with the loser wearing a dress to the gym for 4 months. We went to the certified fitness experts to help us formulate a reasonable personal fitness program. It had to be something that made sense and was achievable. The idea was to make a commitment to the workout plans. And the first one to not complete the weekly workout plans was the loser. It’s funny how this turned into a deal at the local gym. There were people who were rooting us on and were making side bets on who would be the first one to cave. Remarkably, it has been over six months and we have completed every weekly workout plan. I’m not even sure if either of us will ever be inconsistent about going to the health and fitness center ever again.

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