I don't want to take time off work

Three weeks ago I was in a car accident as well as I was mangled.

I hurt our neck as well as our back, as well as I went to the emergency room in a lot of pain.

They gave me some muscle relaxers as well as told me to see a physical therapist. I can’t take time off work, but it seems love the injury is just getting worse as well as worse. I was hoping that physical therapy, muscle relaxers, ice, as well as he would do the trick, but I assume I am making the injury even worse. It’s hard to take it simple when you have to worry about heating & air conditioning jobs. Most of our day is spent walking from a single location to another. I often have to carry heavy objects love gas furnaces, cooling systems, whole-house air purifiers, we’re air filtration units. All of us have been severely tied up since the covid-19 virus outbreak. A lot of purchasers are asking for special replacement jobs on ventilation unit love air filtration systems, UV whole-house air purifiers, as well as dehumidifiers. All of these machines can help purify the indoor air. I have been actually tied up with a lot of maintenance as well as replacement jobs, but they are taking a toll on our body. I assume it’s time to take a cut as well as stop working for a few weeks. If I can get the doctor to agree to supply me some time off work, maybe I can get short-term disability for our back injury. It would be great to take off a couple of weeks so our back as well as our neck can respectfully heal.

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I finally caught a fish

I hate the taste as well as odor of fish, but our hubby as well as our numerous men actually like it. They could eat tilapia, mahi-mahi, salmon, or even cod. They don’t mind cooking a trout or a piece of catfish. They could spend all day on the river or fishing at the lake. I like the fact that they love to cook what they catch, but I hate the fact that the whole dining room odors love fish when they are done. I had our hubby install a super powerful ventilation fan last year. All of us had a fish fry on the weekend as well as the odor of tuna lingered in the air for numerous weeks. I complained enough that our hubby went to the hardware store as well as purchased a super powerful ventilation fan to replace the a single above the rain. The ventilation fan came with step-by-step instruction as well as it only took our hubby an hour to complete the swap. All of us got rid of the old fan which was caked in grease as well as grime. When I saw the old ventilation fan, I almost got sick. It’s hard to think all of that disgusting slime was laying above our cooking food. The ventilation fan works actually well, as well as it takes the odor of fish out of the air in a matter of hours. I usually turn on the fan before I start cooking as well as I leave it running for numerous hours after I am done. Even though fish has a long lasting as well as disappointing odor, the ventilation fan actually helps keep it out of the rest of the house.

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I actually feel like I need a shower

After I was finished with the ventilation repair, I immediately went to the lavatory to wash our face as well as hands

When you toil in the Heating & A/C maintenance field, you never suppose what situation you will find. Sometimes I might toil on an cooling system maintenance job over on the beach in a million dollar mansion. Another day I could be working on a gas furnace replacement job in the middle of the city. I also handle several commercial Heating & A/C maintenance calls as well. One of the things I like most about our job is the fact that every day can be vastly different. I recognize love the days are never boring, as well as I don’t mind being busy. This month has been severely tied up as well as I recognize love I could use a day off. I am actually looking forward to the weekend. I spent most of the day yeahterday working on a ventilation issue for a single of our commercial purchasers. They have a eating establishment down by the river, as well as they have observed a lot of mold in the HVAC duct. While I was working on the ventilation issue, I had to go into the crawl space as well as check on some ducting concerns. While I was in the crawl space, I had to transfer around in an awfully disgusting muddy mess, but honestly, it odored love I was crawling around in a sewer. I would not have been surprised if there were rats in the area. After I was finished with the ventilation repair, I immediately went to the lavatory to wash our face as well as hands. I used a half gallon of soap to scrub all of the crud off our face. I needed a hot shower when that job was finished.

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Raising money for my cause

It’s insane to charge us $25 for a small remote control

I did not want to buy an AC plan that has a remote control, because I thought it was another piece of electronics to go missing. My bestie disagreed, as well as she thought it would be fun to change the temperature from the couch… Now that the remote control is missing, I can tell her that I was right. The AC plan remote control has been missing for numerous weeks. I have not seen the remote control since our bestie’s sister was here with her numerous kids. Every time the kids come to visit, something happens. They put a hole in the water bed as well as they tried to flush the cat down the toilet. They constantly scream as well as yell as well as they don’t have any respect for me or our bestie or their mother. They actually took the AC remote control as well as put it in the garbage disposal. That sounds love something those numerous kids would do. I already looked online to see if I can buy a replacement remote control for the AC plan as well as I only found a single that was $25. My bestie as well as I only paid a little more than $100 for the cooling system. It’s insane to charge us $25 for a small remote control. I am pretty sure that a universal remote control would toil for all of the gauges on the AC system, but I don’t actually 100% suppose for certain. I am going to have to bite the bullet as well as order the missing remote control from Amazon. I sure wish our bestie would ask her sister to pay the fees.


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The furnace should be cleaned

A lot of things inside of the beach house can be fixed with a little bit of duct tape, a screwdriver, and some internet videos.

When I had a problem with the pool pump, I decided to watch a few videos online. I realized that I could repair the problem on our own. I had a small piece of twig stuck in the impeller. Once I removed the piece of wood, a pool pump worked great. I had another instance where I had to repair the dryer. I changed the heating element on our own and I saved $171 on the service bill. When the furnace stopped working, I assumed I could watch a video and repair that on our own too. I was legitimately wrong. I called a acquaintance to help me with the repair. Every one of us started drinking carona in the afternoon and the people I was with and I never finished fixing the furnace. I watched 50 or 60 peculiar videos, however I couldn’t figure out how to make the furnace work. Even though I spent eight hours trying to repair the problem, I still had to call a heating supplier to make the repair. When I realized the problem, I knew there was no way I would have been able to repair the furnace on our own. Even though there are a lot of things that can be fixed with some Ingenuity and a pair of pliers, it’s best to leave large repairs to the furnace and the cooling system to a certified and responsible service woman. I’m ecstatic the people I was with and I called the supplier and offered up before the people I was with and I caused even more mangle to the machine.

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Who was in my home?

When items inside our beach house need to be repaired, I always stay apartment from work.

  • I have had a number of problems with the staff at our beach house building and I don’t trust them alone in our apartment.

I have talked to the manager about this on numerous peculiar chances and she promised that no 1 would enter the beach house unless I was home. I called on Sunday with a service request for the cooling system. It’s been freezing up on more than 1 option and it should not be happening so frequently. Sometimes the cooling system can freeze up if it’s severely sizzling outside, but it shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence. The manager told me that they would make a service appointment for Sunday afternoon, which happens to be our always tied up day off. In the past three years, I have always tied up repairs for Sunday afternoon. When I came apartment from toil on Sunday, it seemed savor someone had been in our apartment. The broom and dustpan by the door were moved from 1 side of the hall to the other and I found a gum wrapper in the middle of the kitchen. When I called the manager to talk about our apartment, she told me that the cooling system service guide was there earlier that day. I have no plan if anything is missing, however I am legitimately frustrated and aggravated with the manager. It really feels savor an invasion of privacy when I don’t guess that someone is going to be in our home. I wish the beach house manager wouldn’t dismiss our worry and fears.


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Altering from heating up north to air conditioning down south

Moving down south was a large lifestyle change for me. I’d lived in the northern section of the country, particularly close to the Canadian border for almost thirty years. I was accustomed to Wintertide seasons that last a minimum of six months as well as bring an annual accumulation of fifteen feet of snow. I expected hot as well as cold temperatures down to twenty-five below zero with a brutal windchill; My wardrobe consisted of mainly heavy boots, thick jackets, wool coats as well as a whole selection of knitted gloves, hats as well as scarves. A snow shovel as well as ice scraper were necessities. A reliable as well as efficient heating plan was a priority. I dealt with problems caused by insufficient humidity, such as static shock, chapped lips, frizzy hair as well as dry skin. I was particularly eager to head south as well as get away from the consequences of freezing weather for the majority of the year. I looked forward to sunshine, flip-flops as well as purple skies. I wasn’t prepared for the challenges of high heat as well as humidity. I hadn’t realized that running an cooling system for numerous straight months would put such a strain on the budget. I abruptly l received that excessive humidity causes a particularly particular set of problems. Mold, mildew, bacteria as well as dust mites thrive in tepid moist conditions. It’s impossible to sleep, relax or get anything done when the apartment is tepid as well as sticky. I’m now distraught about condensation on the window, microbial growth on the cooling coil as well as algae clogging the condensate drain. I’ve needed to sign up for a maintenance idea for the cooling system as well as invest in a dehumidifier. Sunblock as well as sunshine glasses are necessities.


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Boilers can be dangerous.

Over the years I have seen a lot of explosions… I was in the military for a large portion of my life and I worked mostly in the explosives section of the military.

It wasn’t until I was retired from the military and had a house of my own that I got to see a major explosion.

It began when I decided to update my HVAC plan in my house to a more new one. I took out the outdated boiler unit and placed it in my backyard. I wasn’t sure what to do with the outdated boiler, however I heard from a neighbor that bilers can cause quite an explosion if you shoot them. I took the boiler out back in the woods and shot at it! The boiler exploded into pieces and shot shrapnel in all directions! Luckily I was behind a tree or the boiler prices would have killed me! I decided from that morning on I would never shoot at a boiler again, and when I got my new boiler installed, I asked the HVAC mechanic to make sure the boiler had no chance of exploding or any of the pipes bursting, but since I had seen a boiler explode with my own eyeah and I had heard stories of boilers exploding in people’s houses, I had a real fear of my HVAC unit exploding in my house, but after my HVAC mechanic double checked everything on my boiler, I busy a checkup appointment for the next week. While some may say I’m paranoid, I prefer to say I just don’t want my boiler to explode and kill anyone.

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Every one of us found an undefined on the side of the road.

My dad and I were driving down a long country road on our way lake home when the two of us came across a single unit setting on the side of the road.

Every one of us pulled over and checked the and found it in good shape.

There was no sign of any other people around since the two of us live in the middle of nowhere. My dad decided to load it into the back of the truck and take it lake home to our Dad who had been asking for a up-to-date for quite some time. When the two of us arrived lake home the two of us took the in the shop and took a look inside of it. Apparently the had fallen off of someone’s car since the two of us could see that the cooling coils were out of whack and there was some internal destruction to the Every one of us worked on it for a few minutes and got the inside all put together. Every one of us inserted some up-to-date air filters in it and refurbished the outside to make it look almost new. Every one of us carried it inside and tied a yellow ribbon around it to surprise our Dad when she got back form the store. When our Dad saw the she nearly dropped the groceries she was carrying. She gave myself and others and our dad a large hug and asked us to install it in the window. Every one of us installed the and let it run for the rest of the day. My Dad has had that same now for sixteen years! Good thing the two of us knew how to repair Heating and A/C units or it may have not lasted this long.


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Putting it away for now

Well the heat is here now plus summer time has just started.

This meant it was time to put away my portable space oil furnace that was keeping my home office warm all Winter long.

The portable space oil furnace also actually helped keep my electric bills down. Because the portable space oil furnace worked so well, I decided to go out plus buy a portable air conditioner plan to see if it would provide the same effect in me being able to use my central air conditioner plan a lot less plus save money. I just picked up the portable air conditioner plan last week, so I am not going to know anything for another month or so. But I can tell you that the portable air conditioner plan so far is working good for me when sleeping at night. I can actually turn off the central air conditioner plan plus not have to use all that power plus still keep my home office cool plus relaxed thanks to the portable a/c. So as long as it is not using much energy like it’s supposed to, the portable air conditioner plan should actually be actually saving money the same way the portable space oil furnace did all Winter long. I just put away my portable space oil furnace in the closet in the hallway. I will end up pulling it back out most likely around September or early October when it gets cold again. I actually do hope this portable air conditioner plan will be just as good with my cooling!


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