It’s a good idea to go with a geothermal HVAC system

Something that I started looking into awhile back was highly energy efficient heating and cooling systems. I have come to learn from my studying that geothermal HVAC systems are the most energy efficient systems you can go with. This type of HVAC system actually has piping that runs deep into the ground, roughly 10 feet or so. As long as you get the piping below the freezing line of the ground, you are able to pick up the stable underground temperatures that remain between 50 and 60 degrees year round. This type of installation is expensive, some people might pay up to $12,000 for the installation, but the savings are tremendous! You can save anywhere from 50% to 70% for your heating costs, and between 20% to 50% on your cooling costs. A geothermal HVAC system consists of a heat pump that either pushes heat out from the house for cooling or brings the heat into the house for heating. It is a highly energy efficient system and it is friendly for the environment as well as there is no combustion involved with this type of HVAC system. It actually would be great for the world if more people chose to go with this type of HVAC system as there are no harmful emissions that are pushed into the atmosphere. Before you choose to go with a geothermal HVAC system, you should have a home energy audit to figure out the size of the system you will need to properly heat and cool your household. Then you will want to go with an HVAC contractor who happens to be experienced with these types of installations.

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Makes me feel good knowing I have virus protection with my UV air purifiers

It was just a few months ago when I saw a bunch of UV air purifiers on sale.

I decided to purchase a few of them on impulse. I figured that if I never used them, I could at least give them to somebody who really could use them. I truly liked the idea of how the UV air purifiers work with killing harmful bacteria and viruses. When the pandemic hit and everybody had to go on lockdown, I realized that I made the perfect purchase! I set up those UV air purifiers in my home right away, and I have been pleased with the excellent air quality and knowing that we have additional protection in our home from this virus. We have been very careful during this time by keeping social distance and wearing our masks when we go to the stores. I have to admit, things have not been easy at all. I miss my family and friends tremendously. I am calling people up all the time just to talk. It’s not like we have a whole lot to do, but I have told people all about the UV air purifiers I have and how good they have been working. By telling people about the UV air purifiers, they actually decided it was a good idea to pick some up on their own. If you don’t already have a UV air purifier in your home, it’s probably a good idea to research them and consider buying a few of them. I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel knowing that I have that extra protection against harmful viruses.

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We can get past this crisis if everybody chooses to do the right thing

I just hope that they make the choice to get some good UV air purifiers in their home after that ordeal

At the beginning of this pandemic, I was telling everybody to make sure to get UV air purifiers in their homes. I advised that people keep up with their air filter changes and to only use advanced air filters such as HEPA air filters. Now the good news is that many people either already had UV air purifiers, or they were using HEPA air filters. I know a few people though who ended up getting sick. There is a family I know who actually were confirmed positive for the COVID-19 virus. I feel really bad that they had to go through that experience, but thankfully they have recovered. I just think that if they would have been practicing social distancing and if they had invested in better HVAC equipment to keep them safe, they might have avoided the sickness altogether. They have been quarantined to their home for about a month, and I know that couldn’t have been easy for them. I just hope that they make the choice to get some good UV air purifiers in their home after that ordeal. It seems like the world has gone mad right now, but at least we can do these things to remain safe and healthy, people just need to make the right moves during times like these. I feel that the more people who choose to invest in HEPA air filters and UV air purifiers, the more we will be able to stop the spread of this virus! I strongly believe we can get past this crisis, everybody just needs to do the right thing!

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There are many benefits to having a UV light air purifier installed

If you’re thinking about having a UV light air purifier installed in your house, just go ahead and do it.

  • It will be one of the best decisions that you will ever make regarding the indoor air quality in your home.

I was on the fence about getting one for my house, but then I did a lot of research about the pros and cons of having one. When you use a UV light air purifier at the same time as your heating and cooling system, you are definitely cleaning the air that comes into your ventilation system. When you clean the air that’s coming through your ventilation system, of course it just stands to reason that the indoor air quality in your home is going to be much better. I used to run a regular old air purifier in the house on a regular basis, and I could tell a little bit of a difference in the indoor air quality in whichever room it was in. However, it was one of those smaller stand alone air purifiers that you just plug in and leave standing in the middle of a room. So for instance, if we put the air purifier in the living room and turned it on for a while, then the indoor air quality in the living room would improve greatly. But since the smaller air purifier worked so well for so long, we decided that we wanted to get a UV light air purifier instead. With a UV light air purification system, you don’t ever have to think about it.

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I had to switch hotel rooms because of a broken A/C

I was on a business trip a couple of weeks ago and it was really hot outside.

  • I was out working all day and I was really looking forward to getting to my room and turning the air conditioning on full blast.

Whenever you’re working out in the hot sun all day long like I do, the best feeling ever is going into a nice, cold, air conditioned room. Well, I was out in the field checking levels with some of my managers all day in the ninety degree temperatures. So of course I was ready to go inside and enjoy the evening in the A/C. However, whenever we got finished working in the fields all day and I went back to my hotel, I was in for a bad surprise. I went into the lobby and it was nice and cool but then when I got into the elevator and went upstairs to my room, the temperature got hotter and hotter. When I stepped inside the room, I couldn’t believe how hot it was in there. I checked the thermostat and it was set to seventy degrees, but it was certainly hotter than that in there. I messed around with the thermostat for a while, but I couldn’t get the air conditioning to come on the way it should have. I called the front desk and they sent a guy upstairs to do some A/C maintenance in my room. Unfortunately, the HVAC maintenance guy wasn’t able to fix the A/C. I ended up having to move to a different room on another floor.


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My husband and I finally agreed to get a new air purifier

My husband and I finally agreed to get a new air purifier.

Well, I guess you could call it agreeing.

My husband would refer to it as submitting to my demands. He really did not want to spend the money on a new air purifier. He just does not see the necessity of having an air purifier like I do. I have tried to explain it to him several times, but he just doesn’t seem to get it. He tells me that he understands, but then, when it comes down to actually making the purchase, he gets upset. I asked him many times, and we came so close to buying a new air purifier like ten times, but I decided not to last minute because my husband was so upset about spending the money on it. It was quite frustrating. We finally sat down and talked for a few minutes about the whole situation. I explained to him my side of things, and he explained his side of things. After that talk, everything seemed to change. He actually came to me and told me that I should get an air purifier. I was so excited. I went to the store that day and bought a new air purifier because I was not going to give him time to change his mind again. He has not complained about it at all since. I am so glad that we were able to get a new air purifier because our old one was just not cutting it anymore. My husband still picks on me about the air purifier and how I forced him to let me buy it, but I can tell that he is just picking on me.



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Driving for ten hours straight without air conditioning was miserable

I am so thankful that that trip is over

Driving for ten hours straight without air conditioning was miserable. I have no idea why I thought that I would be fine while taking a ten hour trip in a car without air conditioning. My mom tried to tell me that I would not enjoy it. She tried to convince me to take her car instead, and I definitely should have taken her car. I regretted it so much. I was too proud. I was confident that I could handle a little bit of heat. In a way, I was right. I did handle it, but I wish so badly that I would have chosen not to handle it. I wish so badly that I would have taken my mom up on her offer. I have driven that car for about three years. It belongs to my employer, but I am allowed to take it on any work related trips. The air conditioning in that work car just stopped working a few weeks ago. I only drove it without air conditioning for one day before that ten hour trip, and it was for only a few minutes. It wasn’t that bad the day that I only drove it for twenty minutes. Well, it was definitely bad when I drove it for ten hours. It was about eighty-five degrees outside, and the interior of the car is black leather. It was so hot that I felt like passing out many times. I am so thankful that that trip is over. I will never make a mistake like that again. Well, at least I hope I won’t ever make a mistake like that again. Air conditioning is important!

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It’s time to start thinking about HVAC energy savings.

The peak summer heat is just around the corner.

And, where I live, that comes with a hefty utility bill related the HVAC use.

Still, I am always looking to save money so that’s why I’m getting far more proactive about lessening the load on the HVAC. I just hate the heat of summer for several reasons. But, it’s mainly that it just gets so overwhelmingly hot. However, right up there is the fact that the utility bill sky rockets during the summer. Seeing that bill adds sweat to my already sweaty existence because I know how painful it is to write the check. The HVAC running so much of the time in order to cool the house is really expensive. That’s why this spring, I decided to get a bit more proactive and prepared for the heat. I went about doing really easy DIY stuff to ensure that I can save a bit when it comes to keeping cool. It started with making sure that the HVAC treated air was staying inside my home. Having the cool air leak out through cracks and gaps is a big reason for spiraling energy bills during the summer. I started by taking a caulking gun and simply going over every square foot of the exterior of my home. I sealed everything that I could find. Then, I went to the attic and made sure that the perimeter was sealed tight. I also added a few more rolls of insulation. Next, I ripped out all the weather stripping from the doors and entry points. I replaced them with a higher quality type of weather stripping which virtually stops all HVAC air leaks. I expect that I will see at least a 10 percent savings.


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Whole house air purification is a great immune health answer

I know that most of my life I have reacted to fear and uncertainty with immediate shutdown and defense. It was as though if I simply disregarded the impact a situation was having on me, the less it bothered me. Not exactly the adult sort of reaction times like these need. So, as I sit inside the HVAC security of my home, as we all are, I am attempting to face the realities of finding a new normal during the pandemic. Just doing proactive things toward preventing the spread of this killer helps. Staying in the HVAC of my home is part of that. That’s why you won’t see me out there selfishly screaming to stop our current measures. Instead, I am attempting to do more to improve the overall health of myself and my family. A big chunk of that comes in the form of indoor air quality. Our immune health is greatly effected by the state of air in our homes. This is why I am looking to install a whole house air purifier. My home is clean and thanks to HVAC, there is no mold growth. But, I want to take the air quality to the next level with a system that actively eliminates immune suppressing, airborne hazards. Whole house air purifiers are just the thing to get this done. The whole house air purification method I am looking at use ultraviolet light to destroy airborne contaminants. The filtered air from the return flows into the air handler. There, the purifier focuses intense UV beams onto the airflow as it passes by. The UV light literally destroys the DNA of hazardous particulate rendering it harmless. Facing my fear of airborne illness with an airborne solution is better than pretending it will all be alright.


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Worried about our pets outside; heat shed for them

When I was growing up, the two of us lived at the “zoo house” on the block.

The people I was with and I had the most animals out of anybody in town, plus a reputation for rehabbing broken pets.

That’s why, the neighbors were constantly dropping off damaged animals at our doorstep plus the two of us had a rotating group of reuseing friends inside, and for the rest of my life, I will do everything I can to maintain this lifestyle of servitude to our furry friends. In fact, I’m even taking my animal saving activity to the next level, plus purchasing new indoor heating plus cooling device to further my reach. Since I have moved into this village, I have been worried about the stray cats. The people I was with and I have a lot of feral kittens running around, but there’s nowhere for them to stay sizzling or dry in the case of poor weather, and most of the time it’s sizzling plus humid around here, but there are evenings when they could viably freeze to death without heat plus shelter. The problem is, these feral cats don’t want to come inside my lake house to use my central heating plus cooling system. They are terrified. That’s why, I decided to convert my shed into a makeshift feral cat shelter for the winter. All that I needed was a favor from an Heating plus Air Conditioning professional buddy plus a few bucks for a mini chop ductless heating plus cooling system, then obviously, I wasn’t going to be able to fit HVAC duct into the shed so it could use a central heating plus cooling plan. I also wasn’t going to fill the shed with space heaters, which would likely burn down the structure. So, I got on the iPhone with an seasoned buddy who became a certified heating plus cooling professional, plus told him about my plan. He told me about mini chop ductless heating plus cooling systems, plus even offered to find a used model for my feral cat shelter, then now the city cats can come plus go, plus I don’t worry about their little toe beans cold to the sidewalks.

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