Bird room needs to have extra HVAC help

Several years ago I finally went out and got the bird that I’ve always wanted. For over a decade I have been interested in having an aviary where I could keep an assortment of lovely feathered friends. I had always been too intimidated by the high cost of birds to invest in the room that I dreamt of. However, I had no idea that purchasing the bird was just the beginning of the financial investment I would need to make. Almost as soon as I got my bird home I realized that he was not very happy in my living room. He wanted to be in a closed, quiet space far away from all of the daily activity. He also needed a lot of protection from drafts which could come from windows or air vents. I decided to put him into a separate room where I could close the air vents and keep him safe from any harmful hot or cold patches. I wanted his indoor air quality to be absolutely perfect so he would stay healthy. This month he needed some sort of accurate indoor air temperature control and humidity regulation. I knew that my central heating and cooling system wasn’t able to establish the perfect indoor air quality settings for him. I decided to call a local heating and cooling company to arrange for an air quality control appointment. They helped me to select radiant heated floors and an evaporative cooling system which would be better for my bird’s ongoing health. Once I had all of the HVAC equipment in place, I decided there was only one thing left to do… Purchase more birds.

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