Back when I was in high school, I constantly worried about the temperature

Back when I was going to high school in the southern part of the country, I was constantly worried about what the temperature was going to be. You could go from freezing in the mornings and needing a heater and a sweater to burning up in the afternoons and dreaming of some A/C! I just never felt like I was going to be comfortable when I was at school, no matter what. I worried about being too cold because then I would have goose bumps all over me and my teeth would be chattering while I was in class. They certainly didn’t turn the furnace system on in the school buildings on those late summer mornings, that’s for sure. That’s because the maintenance guys at the school knew that right after lunch on most of those days, the sun would come shining in through the windows on the western side of the school, and the place would start heating up just like an oven. Most of the classrooms weren’t equipped with an air conditioning system back then, either. We were all just stuck in there sweating and trying not to fall asleep after lunch while we were in class. It was a difficult situation. As a teenage girl, I was always worried about what I was going to wear anyway. The constantly changing temperatures certainly did not help matters when I was in school! My parents always told me to dress in layers, but when you’re trying your best to look cool, you really wish for more continuity from the outside elements.


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